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About our Company

George Projects was established in 1991 in Kerala as Architectural contractors. We are manufacturing Upvc windows for the last Ten successful years. Today we are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality doors and windows in Kerala. During its short presence of Ten years George Projectshas been recognized as one of the Pioneers, Trendsetters and leading fabricators in Kerala. We also deal with Aluminium Windows, Acp, Structural Glazing and All types of Toughened glass works and Interior Works.

Our Motto is “Every step of your life, we're here to serve you better..”

George Projects Takes pride Cochin takes great pride in maintaining excellent standards of quality, workmanship and on-schedule project completion. We offer our customers detailed attention in undertaking their projects, observing their requirements, meeting all aspects of their specifications, and exceeding their expectations, while adhering to scheduling and budget considerations.Our dedicated, personalized approach and legacy of integrity have earned us our customers’ trust, loyalty and repeat business. Once you become a George Projects customer, you’re always a George Projects customer.

Thermal insulation Very good. heat losses are reduced due to wider profile depth & multi chamber section. Fair Being a metal, it has a poor thermal insulation and high thermal conductivity.
fire properties non-combustible poor good
durability excellent fair poor
corrosion & termite resistant good poor poor
chemical resistant no effect rots corrodes
warping will not warp can warp can warp
maintenance-free good poor fair
acoustic insulation the multi chamber sealed cavities and welded corners offers excellent acoustic insulating properties. the mechanically joint corners render very poor result from acoustic insulation angle. fair
dimensional accuracies they are factory produced on sophisticated machine hence offer uniform quality control. fabricated locally and manually, hence poor quality and non-uniformity. fair
energy efficient good fair Poor
Surface Quality It will be same in its whole life Need Timely Maintenance Poor
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